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17.12.2011 - Day 47 - Barcelona

We arrived at Mephisto club according to a plan – around 2.30 p.m. A quick load-in (as the bus couldn’t park directly by the club), reconnaissance and – as always – everyone logged in the Net. Spider went to watch some yachts in a nearby port. The club was a bit strange that day. It doesn’t happen every day that you have to get on stage almost on all fours (the height of stage entrance was like 1,30 meters) and the main entrance to the club was behind the stage. But as usually, we perfectly fit the club to our needs, we took the most of it and a massacre began! First a local support, then Amassado, Adimiron, Vader and Gorgoroth. Great reception, the audience was really wonderful! And the club was full. It was really a killer show at the end of killer tour! Unfortunately we didn’t have time to celebrate after the show. We just took a few minutes to say goodbye to the bands, Oscar and James (they were flying back homes) and we had a looooong journey from Barcelona to Poland by bus ahead.


16.12.2011 - Day 46 - Valencia

It was just perfect. A great show – I know that I will remember Spain for long. Maybe it wasn’t ideal as far as “replaying” the album is concerned but it’s not what it’s all about. The show is about energy, wilderness, contact with the audience… and we had all that. And the audience was awesome. I haven’t seen such a moshpit for a long time. We have one last show to play on this tour – Barcelona where we are heading to right now. I hope it will be at least as good as it was today. It would be a proper ending of the tour. Even now, after 37 shows, I can admit: a very good tour!!!

By the weather in Valencia you could think you’re on another planet. It’s hard to believe that in the same country, just 600km West it was so awesome. The boredom of waiting made me go shopping for local delicacies. I found olives, dates, cheese and wine. Rock City is a new club with cool interiors. 120% rock’n’roll!!! Guitars everywhere (even door handles were real „Strats”) and pictures of legendary musicians.

That day Kuba was pale as a sheet (no make up;-) ) Half of the night he was having a meeting with a plastic bag. But he will go through it. I know Felix (the promoter) from the old shows we did in this city. He’s a good guy and looked after as pretty well. That night the concert hall was full and the show beat up the one in Sevilla. A total massacre! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long… Barcelona the next day. There’s the end of tour in the air.


15.12.2011 - Day 45 - Sevilla

How warm!!! So nice to get off the bus and at least for a moment leave this friendly cosy tour stench ;-) I know the place in which we play pretty well, although it has another name and owners changed. It’s a cool place but without a shower… We arrived late so we had little time to spend till our show. Kuba doesn’t look very well today. Maybe the gastric flu caught his iron stomach too? Well…

Vader’s show was killer! One hour of madness which I haven’t seen in Spain for years. James was at his best ;-) After the gig I had a little “chat” with local Fans. They in Spanish, me in Polish … my hands ached ;-) We left beautiful Sevilla at 2 a.m. Get in to Rock City club in Valencia at 4 p.m. We’re closer to our homes each day.

The day before we had a bit of beer, vodka, sake, rum... I won’t deny: it was rock’n’roll… In addition, I really got to like new Czeslaw Sings album, it’s smashing. I couldn’t stop listening to it. And having a drink… so in Sevilla I got up even later than usually – I think around 5 p.m. I went to the club – it was awesome. And so many people!!! I thought it would be killer. And it was!!! It was 10 times better to play that night. It is always worse after a day-off but after that, when you get back to form, everyone should hide ;-) Now we’re heading to Valencia. And I’m listening to Czeslaw. It fucking rocks!!!


14.12.2011 - Day 44 - Lisboa

After a two-day day-off we played a show. Despite the killer stage conditions it was really hard to play. That’s how it is after days off. And by ‘hard’ I don’t mean a hangover or something, as during these two days I was mainly sleeping and playing computer games. ALMOST no alcohol; what’s more – on the day of the show I even woke up earlier than usually (around 3 p.m.) with a feeling that I was finally full of energy! But after a day-off you lose this routine…so! It was really hard to play. And I know that it wasn’t only me. But I also know that people really liked what we were doing on stage that night – and that’s what it’s all about! A stage was big enough for us to practice new choreography. In my opinion the show was veeeeery good. Around 300 people so the turnout was great too. Just 3 more shows left. I hope it will be at least that good as that night till the end! \m/


11.12.2011 - Day 41 - Montpellier

When it occured that there will be no show in Porto, there would be only 5 shows of the tour left. 33 gigs behind us, time runs fast! That day we were speaking more about the upcoming Blitzkrieg in March than on the ongoing tour. We had killer audience in Montpellier, both as a turnout and a wild reaction during concert. After the show we had a small party with Darek who doesn’t drink a lot on tours (but the next day was day off so he could let himself go). There were only two days off left, one show in Portugal, 3 in Spain and we’re back home!!!


10.12.2011 - Day 40 - Pinarella di Cervia

Our second show in Italy. This time in a normal club with conditions far better than the previous day. Again, wonderful turnout (yesterday around 500 people, today over 300). Great reception too, it was a real pleasure to play for all these people. It was a particularly difficult show for James. We all start to catch cold but James got some kind of a gastric flu. But despite it all, musically it was perfect! Great effort, lot of toil, bags “for vomits” prepared near the drum kit – but we made it! After the show we went to a hotel to take a shower and on our return we straightly headed off to France. Ah! It turned out today that the show in Porto in Portugal will be cancelled due to a low pre-sale. Pretty strange – one day we give a show during which a club is almost filled to capacity and the other we find out that a show is cancelled because of low presale. Well… Maybe during day off something interesting will happen… Greetings from our journey! \m/

Rock Planet. Few years ago we played there on a festival with Hate Eternal. And it was Saturday too. December brought a freezing cold even in Italy. James was not feeling very well, keeping plastic bags close to him on stage… He’s having a bad flu. I took a role of a crew medic and went for a lookout of a pharmacy. Despite language problems I managed to buy a bunch of necessary medicaments. That day we also played a mini “festival” and we had only 40 minutes on stage. But maybe it was for good. James could more easily go through the battle :-) The show, even if shorter, was well received by the audience. I wish we could stay longer after the show… but we had over 900km to get to Montpellier! So, after a quick shower in a nearby hotel we all headed towards France.

After a long journey with no sleep we arrived in Pinarilla Di Cervia. There is not much to say about this day. I slept all day, occasionally when I came downstairs someone would tell me that I looked like shit, I’d thank them and go back to sleep. For the short time on stage I felt worse than the previous day and we nearly had to use the plastic bag – yikes! Another great crowd and good reception but again, I was unable to enjoy it.

That day we were greeted by a very nice weather. Because it was a seaside town, I couldn’t help going for a beach walk. I felt so much better at once :-))) In the meantime we went shopping for some Italian delicacies. We bought wine, cheese and some other purely Italian stuff. With this show we were saying goodbye to Italy. And I must say that this time we were really surprised. Local promoter showed himself at his best. Not only food was great but the show’s organization too. The audience was great too. After the good show we went to a hotel to take a shower and have some rest. In general, Italy was ok with the emphasis on Pinarella. And not only because of beautiful seaside landscapes :-) See you in France!


09.12.2011 - Day 39 - Rome

Shows in Italy are most of the time very specific... everyone who played there knows what I mean. Well, on our arrival there was nothing prepared. The club looked like a f***g barrack – it was definitely not a European standard! There was no wi-fi and we had to negotiate for about 2 hours to get power access for the nightliner. Otherwise, we’d have to sit for 9 hours in complete darkness and nothing to do (there was no NORMAL backstage). When we plugged the bus in, Vacek could play his Stalker, I decided on Disciples 2 (there will be time for Stalker too) and we could prepare for the show decently.

And the gig? There was hell!!!!!!! Literally and metaphorically speaking. The temperature was so high that I thought I was going to faint during the show. But it was so damn good that we gave even more from ourselves! It was another show which I find “one of the best shows on tour”! And I hope it will stay this way till the very end. Now we’re heading towards Pinarella, another Italian city, and I want a re-run of tonight!

Heavy vibrations woke me up around 8 a.m. It was really hard to sleep! Once could feel as in a rollercoaster called “It’s already Italy”. GPS showed that we were passing by Florence. We stopped to refuel the bus and grab a bite to eat. We were a bit too early by the club “Traffic”. And a promoter, as tradition goes, far too late. A concert hall: of course miserable. We had dressing room in a tent (!) next to the building. I preferred to stay in our bus then. Italy never surprised us with hospitality... and so it was that day. We had noodles with ketchup for dinner and a boiling hot salad. And that’s it. I wonder if Italians eat such things at home too. By the contrast, loads of people turned up. It was hot as hell, little space but killer reception! I have no idea why the promoter put 3 more supporting bands in these crammed conditions on stage (and so we had 7 in total!!!). Thanks to that we could only play 40 minutes instead of 60… The same for Gorgoroth. Total ‘non capisco’ ;-))) James went straightly to his bed after the show. He caught a cold… Gripex and warm bed should do. The next day we have north-eastern Italy. We’re going to the Adriatic!

The shows in Italy marked my worst experience of the tour. In fact, my worst experience of any tour. I was incapacitated by a stomach bug during the day before the show in Rome – fantastic start! And the ever-trusty Vacek had to have a plastic bag at the ready in case I puked (or worse) during the show!!! On this show we also had a non-existent backstage so I had to warm up in the crowd, next to the toilets. The only saving grace was that the crowd was great but unfortunately I was in no condition to appreciate it.

After reaching the club it turned out that local promoter wasn’t there yet and we had to wait. It seems punctuality isn’t trendy these days. In the meantime we had a look at the club’s interior and we already knew it would be hard. The stage was cramped and there was no backstage. Despite that, in order to leave the stage you had to go directly outdoors. Not really good idea in winter. Adding to that, there was no dressing room and catering was weak. The only thing that was right that evening was the audience. The Italians showed that they can have fun! The club was almost full and it was hot as hell. After the killer show, in better moods we headed for Pinarella.


08.12.2011 - Day 38 - Ljubljana

Laibach is an older name for Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. That day we played in well-known to us complex “Metalkowa”, this time in “Menza Pri Koritu”. It was very cold although we had a bit of sun for a moment. A concert hall… well… I’d lie if I said it was fine. I think I might got used to those Balkan “standards”. Once again Kuba and Vacek would be challenged… and so would be us. It was similar with food. Everyone (except for me) at least once went to McDonalds, I think it says all :-) And the show itself? After first few songs the audience was as steel… cold and stiff. In the middle of the gig, however, it started to boil only to demand more and more at the end. It was really good! And now…to Rome!

Slovenia. We arrived, set the stage, entered it, fucking blowed people’s minds and got off stage. The show, in my opinion, one of the best on tour. I was particularly impressed by the quality of sound that Oscar managed to get that night. I don’t know how it sounded from the front monitors but on stage it kicked our asses! After the show we did a quick load-out and left the club pretty soon, because we had to be in another country at 1 p.m!


07.12.2011 - Day 37 - Novi Sad

Before we reached Novi Sad we had to go through another border in the middle of the night. Doubtful pleasure. We were on the spot around 1 p.m. The club Route 66 wasn’t too spacious. As there was practically no stage, our crew had really rack their brains to place our gear in a sensible way. With a help of Satan they finally made it. There was maybe 1 square meter left for each musician so we agreed with Hal that we will cut down on stage walking. At first we were keeping our posts. But then I got carried away. I have no idea how I did it but I found myself on the other end of stage :-) It must be the spider’s blood in veins… haha :) In general, despite mediocre stage conditions, our show was very good. Then Gorgoroth gave a wonderful performance, I think the best of what I’ve seen so far on this tour. I was pretty tired after the Norwegians’ gig so I just went back to the bus, had some warm tea and hit the sack…

Last gig in Novi Sad I recall as a mixture of Slivovitz, totally drunk guys pissing at our nightliner, a smell of burning hair and sucky club… But it was few years ago. I was happy to find out that we were going to play in some other place this time. The weather was totally unlike-Balkan: sorrowful and nostalgic. None of us was willing to go outside. It occurred that a promoter set a stage not in a traditional way, so now front monitors were in the back. We had to rearrange everything. There was no coffee so I grabbed a sandwich, a few chocolate bars and went back to the bus. We had wi-fi so I surfed the Net a bit to kill the time. No new episode of “Grimm”…damn.

The show was a bit too claustrophobic. There was no space on stage. Only Spider could afford two steps to the left :-) That evening, however, he watched out a bit more, after his dancing over slipping monitor the night before… Anyway, I’m still thinking of putting him up as a candidate to “You Can Dance” ;-))) We had to leave the club even sooner than in Skopje. Darek warned us that we would be woken up in 2 hours… Another border. We return to the European Union tomorrow so all this hassle will end at last. Next stop: Ljubljana!

From Macedonia we made our way to Serbia. An already familiar to us club, Route 66, was quite small. A stage wasn’t big too: Spider and I couldn’t run across the stage, although we managed to squeeze through to the other side a few times. Anyway, as everyday, we took the most of that place and gave 100% of ourselves (despite different nasty illnesses taking their toll in our ranks). But it’s not easy to be on tour, especially during winter. It’s not a problem to catch a cold and extremely difficult to cure it. Kuba, Vacek, Oscar and Darek had already seen many clubs before and they can squeeze all that’s to be squeezed from each place. So – “It is as it is – can’t be better!” Anyway, I find the show to be very good so I can honestly say that we find the Serbian land conquered!


06.12.2011 - Day 36 - Skopje

After the Athenian day-off the time has come for Macedonia. It started with some problems on the Greek-Macedonian border. The Greeks wanted us to go back to the Main Customs Office in Thessaloniki. Darek, our tour manager, fought with the officers for at least 2 hours! Finally, he made it! We arrived in Skopje with just a slight delay. I was worried that another great party (after Sofia) won’t take place. In it was really great! Around 400 people (by the look of it), really awesome reception. After the show I managed to talk to people who came to Macedonia (for Vader) from Kosovo and even Albania! Then a quick load-out and we go further…

We arrived this morning in an empty hall with a cinema next door, an office block above us and a stage that looked unstable at the very best. If you also add the fact that the first show after a day off is always difficult, I had a feeling that it was going to be a tough show. It was, but the audience – wow! And I mean, WOW! Craziest reaction of the tour! Everyone I could see was moshing for the entirety of the set making it for me the most insane crowd I’ve seen since we played Tokyo!

After sunny Greece we moved to Macedonia. It’s been a while since we last were in Skopje, so we expected a large number of fans hungry for dark Vader sounds. And we were right, around 400 people turned up in the cultural centre where we played. A concert hall was quite big, although a stage pretty small and very low. That day Peter warned me that I should watch out, as it may be scary ;-) And, in fact, the crowd was pushing towards the stage and we bravely fended off the attacks. After the “war” we thanked our fans for great show and returned to our trenches. Then we went back to the club for a couple of beers, some photos and autographs. Around 2 a.m. we headed for Serbia.

We were woken up by Darek’s yell: “border!!!” I almost forgot what it means. Ahh… memories. It turned out that not all Greeks are descendants of Socrates – and certainly not those working on the border. It took us few hours to prove that “white is white”. Anyway, we managed to cross the Greek-Macedonian border (during previous tour Massive Music’s crew wasn’t that lucky…) We were greeted by grim landscapes and chilly weather reminding us that it was already December. We were to play in Youth Cultural Centre that evening, seriously! A concert hall wasn’t finished yet so they put a stage in a …corridor. First thing I did was taking a shower! We had a room in a nearby hotel for ourselves. The surroundings were not very interesting so I spent the rest of day with a book. Before the show started I gave a short interview to a local zine and took a short nap. The concert was really cool and full of energy. Many people turned up. At 2 a.m. we were all in the bus, ready to go. Other borders waited for us, other morning adventures… Serbia tomorrow.


05.12.2011 - Day 35 - Atheens - Day off

We spent our day off in Athens! What a lucky coincidence – I was learning about this city, its monuments and history since a primary school. General and Darek left for trip in the middle of the night, i.e. around 9:30 a.m, the rest of Vader a bit later. I just couldn’t wake up as I ended my “talks about life” with Kuba and Vacek at around 5 a.m. I and Spider went out around noon and of course at first we took our direction to the Acropolis. After two hours of watching these grandiosities (with my jaw dropped all the time) we were informed that they close the complex, so we had to leave. While having dinner, by a sheer coincidence, we met Kuba, Vacek, James and Oscar with Themis (Rotting Christ) showing them around. Some time later we all gathered by our nightliner, met guys from Adimiron (being our support in place of Valkyrja) and head off to Macedonia!

Yesterday we were lucky to spend the day in Athens after the show. We were joined by old friends, Sakis and Themis from Rotting Christ, who took us site seeing and for an incredible traditional Greek meal! Thanks guys!!! After meeting some old friends, we had the opportunity to make some new ones as we were joined by the new support band, Adimiron from Italy who made a great first impression tonight. Incredible players and really tight music! They’re doing very well in taking over from Valkyrja who set the standard waaaaay high and I can’t wait to see more on the upcoming shows!

The Day of Sightseeing! :-) On Monday, before noon, I checked metro connections in Athens, I dragged Hal out of his bed and we went out to the city centre. The first and most important for us place to see was the Acropolis. Travelling by metro is just a matter of few minutes so I hoped that we’ll manage to see something still. And we did, we checked most points of our list. After a strenuous trip we went to grab a bite and have a beer. Of course we couldn’t leave without buying a few souvenirs ;-)))


04.12.2011 - Day 34 - Atheens

Immediately after the show in Athens we parted with our great buddies, Valkyrja. So we saw them off in the traditional Massive Music way – with a lot of Vodka! We really appreciate all the help they gave on the tour and we’re really going to miss them and their music. I strongly advise anyone reading this that is also going to Eindhoven Metal Meeting to catch them at the festival! Good luck dudes, I’m sure we’ll end up touring together again soon!

At around 4 a.m. we set off to the capital city of Greece. I haven’t been there before in my life so I was very curious how this place looked like. Our drivers parked the nightliner close to the Gagarin 205 club. It was really impressive: very high with a broad stage. Dressing rooms and catering were situated on the first and second floor with a view on stage. So everyone could watch the show from his place :-) We and Valkyrja were on the highest floor :-))) That day we had a Greek chef serving us delicious local meals. There was a kebab stand on the spot, many kinds of casseroles, just amazing! I went on stage culinary satisfied. I find the show that evening really good, with an emphasis on the sound quality. Thanks to that I could focus in 100% on the audience :-) After the show we had to part our ways to Valkyrja who finished their part of tour in Athens. Although we didn’t find time to prepare the farewell night pranks for them but that evening Valkyrja guys could get familiar to their new, slightly enhanced setlist :-)))) At around 1 a.m. I went to sleep to gain strength before the next day.

Kuba and Vacek said „the club will be awesome” – and so it was. It was a bit tiring though to climb two floors (and you have to, at least several times a day) but they say it’s good for health, so who cares. The show was killer, but sadly Valkyrja was giving their last performance that evening. I say “sadly” because they are really great buddies and professional musicians – I was sorry to split with them. And, as Vacek just told me, “I miss Valkyrja”. Well…see you next time. Hopefully it will be soon! Tomorrow we have day-off in Athens. We have an ambitious plan to wake up early and visit a few places, e.g. Parthenon. Greetings from Greece!


03.12.2011 - Day 33 - Thessaloniki

At last we visited some warmer country. Greece greeted us with pleasantly balmy weather. It was around 18 grades outside. Pretty good as for winter. Everybody was lightly dressed, sunglasses…:-))) We were to play in the 8ball club. I knew this place as we already played there with Marduk some time ago. Nice place. In a city centre, close to the sea. After get-in and load-in I couldn’t wait to dig in Greek style catering. Having a meal, I went to a hotel to have a refreshing shower and the rest of crew went sightseeing. That evening, as always in this place, fans didn’t disappoint us. There was power!!! The organizer prepared a wonderful after party at the end of the gig. Free drinks, singing and music till the morning… That’s how we spent the night in Thessaloniki.

It was my first visit to Greece. As Kuba and Vacek warned me – “don’t expect much from the club”. And so it was, the club maybe had its atmosphere and cool interiors, many interesting artworks were hanging on the walls but it was really poor in terms of conditions to play a gig… very small stage, strange looking toilets and we could only wish to take a shower. But a large audience and wonderful reception of Greek Fans made it all up to us. It was a last show with Eufobia, we said goodbye to the guys and James gave some last tips to their drummer. After the show – a “metal party” with fans in the same club and we headed to Athens at 4 a.m.


02.12.2011 - Day 32 - Sofia

And so it happened! Today’s show, as we suspected, didn’t take place. And all this thanks to the promoter – Most Of Evil Music LTD and I’m not afraid of giving this name here. The more so, as I managed to speak to some fans that turned up for this show – watch out for this company! Since some time the promoter hasn’t been meeting his financial obligations. Funny thing, there was a presale of 500 tickets and “there was nothing” because “the promoter didn’t have money”. No comments. I only hope that people who bought tickets will get their money back. And we just made our way to a next country – this time to Greece. Let it be the only such case on this tour. Wait for news from Greece! \m/

Sofia. Well... since the beginning everything was going wrong. And it turned out a piece of crap in the end. Mariusz, as a representative of Massive Music and Vader, described the situation really aptly in his statement (to be read on Vader’s and Massive Music’s websites). I feel really sorry for these all Fans who travelled long hours to see the show, were freezing by the club to get inside, finally to get to know that the show won’t take place… I feel sorry for us and the whole Crew too. They were doing their best to let the show go on. And it’s all because of the lack of responsibility of just ONE man. They call him Gany.

We had a long way ahead of us to reach Sofia. We were driving almost at a breakneck speed. We went through a border, of course not without showing our faces to customs officers. Then we got to a ferry. Finally we reached the club. It occurred on the spot that there was no local promoter yet so we waited in the bus. After two, maybe three, hours of waiting he turned up and it started…I won’t tell here about what happened because a special statement was written. All I can say is that I feel really sorry that we couldn’t play for you that evening :( I only hope that we will get this chance soon and we will rock it together!!! Look out for posters and stay vaderized!


01.12.2011 - Day 31 - Cluj Napoca

This show took place in a former cinema building. The interiors of this place were rather unusual for where we usually play. White walls, really high ceiling, quite interesting wall decorations and dressing rooms on some kind of a mezzanine where there were no light at all – so during a dinner we had to use torches to see what we ate. I, for instance, didn’t have one so I barely knew what I was eating…strange feeling. I’m almost sure that it was a pork chop with potatoes and red pepper and I prefer to think it was exactly that.
The show was a complete horror – for us, musicians. It can’t be said from the perspective of the audience, judging by their reaction to our performance. It started with some troubles to plug in Peter’s guitar. There was no signal! Before we could find a reason we were already 15 minutes late! That’s why we had to cut out 3 tracks from the set list. The stage was really small and cramped. Bad luck didn’t leave us and everything was going wrong all the time: something not working or coupling. So as small as the stage was, we had to manage to play with 3 more stage assistants running behind us... After “God is dead”, which we play at the end, the audience demanded encore but there was no time for it left unfortunately... When feeling a bit down I was leaving the club, I heard one of the fans talking on his phone that “Vader gave a smashing show”. So it was far better than we thought...We barely heard anything on stage.
After the show we had an instant evacuation – the distance we were to cover was huge – we were heading towards Bulgaria. Writing these words we’re waiting for Bulgarian promoter at the club (he still has 10 minutes left). If he doesn’t turn up – the show in Sofia is over...

After another night of no sleep thanks to the interruptions of the Hungarian border patrol – nothing that can’t be cured with a nice cup of tea! But the show itself was a technical disaster. First we had problems with Peter’s guitar causing us to hit the stage 15 minutes late, and then my monitor went down closely followed by Spider’s guitar cabinet. But we had a fantastic audience reaction, which actually made the show extremely enjoyable for me, despite the problems! Thank you Cluj Napoca! Three killer shows in a row! Now for a 16 hour drive to Bulgaria….

We’ve been on tour for a month now. One cannot find any trace of tiredness in the ranks! Each day, seemingly similar, is thrilling and full of emotions. The same is true for Cluj Napoca – a big city in Transylvanian region. We’ve been to this place many times before and it was always good. This time we had another concert room – much bigger. But was it better? Church-like space, chandeliers as if from a manor, VIP section as if from Las Vegas but… a stage small and crooked. Maybe the Beatles would fit, we found it quite challenging. But we like challenges, right? :-)))) The show, although a bit “tight”, was really cool. We want to thank the organizers and – most importantly – OUR FANS!!!
December 1st is a national holiday in Romania so we could watch a huge fireworks show. Unfortunately – the distance to Sofia that we had to cover forced us to an early leaving. Our drivers did their best and, despite fog, winding slippery mountain roads and minus 10 grades, they drove us safe and sound to the capital city of Bulgaria. It’s a pity that a local promoter didn’t appreciate our efforts at all.

Romania greeted us with a morning wake up on the border for passport control. Everybody got out of the bus lethargically. After crossing the border I was trying to fall asleep again but the quality of roads didn’t let me sleep anymore. After reaching our destination we went to check out the club. I was really pleasantly surprised. The interiors were just unreal, totally different from the mundane reality. A huge crystal chandelier looking as if from the Titanic, original-looking walls with framed posters of rock’n’roll and heavy metal stars. The atmosphere was far away from what you get in these classically industrial clubs. Meals were served upstairs and here we had a problem: it was so dark that we couldn’t see plates :-)

Generally, it was all fine till the first sounds were played. Unfortunately we had some major problems with the sounding that night. Dead microphones, not working cables, etc. Hence we started with a 15-minute delay. Anyway, the audience made up for all the obstacles. After the show we didn’t have much time because there was a long distance to be covered, so we just had to leave quite early. We didn’t know yet that the next show would be cancelled :(


30.11.2011 - Day 30 - Kosice

In Kosice everything went according to the plan. That day we had 6 bands on stage! The club was full, the presale itself huge! We finally had time to play the whole set with Slayer cover at the end. The Slovakians went crazy. We’ve been on tour with Valkyrja and Gorgoroth for a month now and still we made integrating vodka after party! Anyway, pretty soon we ended up in the nightliner as we had to set off for the next stop: Romania!!! \m/

It was pretty difficult to sleep in the bus after a nice hotel room the night before so I emerged from the bus feeling like death into the coldest place I’ve ever been to – even the Scandinavian guys were cold! And still, the intrepid Vacek and Kuba were wearing shorts. The venue was just as cold as it was outside making warming up for the show almost impossible, but the enthusiastic audience made it one of the best nights of the tour! But after the show was when the real entertainment began – watching one unnamed crewmember drink an amount of alcohol that can only be described as lethal and witnessing some deeply disturbing dancing.

I remember Colosseum from the previous tour with Devian. Night hanging around Kosice and beer in nearby pubs. The show was killer…and this time it was similar. There were some major changes in the club: more space, better equipped dressing rooms, nice stage. Maybe the feeling of this place was a bit to “Jamaican” but… high on the ceiling, next to Dimmebag’s photo, I noticed some parts of a German Sd.Kfz.251 (or maybe its postwar Czech counterpart, OTK). Lovely sight :-))))) The hospitality and big hearts of Slovakian organizers remained the same though! It’s nice and that’s what you remember. Before the show I and Darek visited our favourite music shop…only to leave some Euros there :-)))) I got a bonus LP of Czechoslovakian legend: Arkain. I regret that we had to leave so soon…but the way to Transylvania is long and tough.

Pole and Slovakian cousins be… that day they hosted us as neighbours should do. Good food, draught beer, life couldn’t be any better :) Although it was very cold outside, the atmosphere inside was really hot. It could be seen that local fans had long been waiting for this show. Each band got a wonderful reception. We organized an after party after the show. Lots ov vodka, beer, it was wild!


29.11.2011 - Day 29 - Wien

So we arrived in Vienna after the load-in and set up had been completed and most of the catering had been eaten (win some lose some I guess). I was happy to be reunited with my practice pad and with a cup of tea in hand, immediately began the day’s work. The first show after a day off is always very difficult because it kills the flow. Though actually this show was pretty relaxed mainly because we were greeted with a killer audience including one couple that had been following Vader for longer than I’ve been alive! No after party as we had a long way to travel to the next show in Slovakia.

We arrived in Wien by train, as the rest of our crew spent their day off in Wien (only we, Vader, decided to stay in Prague). The journey went smoothly, I wish we had so nice trains! :-))) A quick reconnaissance on the spot and we were ready for a battle! The club was really cool, loooooots of people, huge stage, the show was (as they say) killer! There was a Polish flag with Vader’s logo waving below the stage. After the show we were caught by the flag’s owner and asked to sign it. There were pretty many other signatures on it – put down by previous band’s members, i.e. Shambo, Mauser, Doc… so me, Spider and James added ours. Then the guy told us that he’s been watching Vader’s shows for 20 years now, he’s seen a lot of them and he could honestly admit that that one was the best and played in the strongest lineup! After hearing such a compliment I just had to have a drink. After the show, in no time at all, we had to pack up and leave to Slovenia!

After over 4-hour journey we arrived in Wien Simmering. The club Szene was quite close to the railway station so in just 5 minutes we were on the spot. I have never played in this club before so I took a look around. Backstage was really small but a stage was much bigger :-) That day, after our show, we met our fellows living in Wien, they’d never skipped any Vader’s show before I guess :-)) We signed their famous flag again, next to signatures of Docent, Mauser, Shambo and I think all previous band’s members. We had a couple of beers, chated a bit and pretty tired went to our beds.

We agreed to meet on a Central Railway Station at around 10:15 a.m. I turned up a bit earlier hoping to get some decent breakfast but finally I ended up in Burger King :-((( EC 77 Dvorak turned up punctually at 10:47 and we were in Wien at 3 p.m. It was so cold… For the first time on tour I felt winter’s breath. The club was fine and lots of Fans came to see us that night. It was a really great show. Day off and integrating trip to Prague gave me wings :-) After show evening was pretty quiet for me this time…at least for me. Slovakia tomorrow!


27-28.11.2011 - Day 27 - Prague + Day 28 - Day off

Praha!!! I love this city and its atmosphere. Rock Café is a great (although not too spacious) club in the strict city centre. As we had a day off the next day, we decided to stay in Prague and sightsee a bit. Hal and I booked a room in a nearby hotel “Eurostars Thalia”. James and Spider found something else but not far away. We were also visited by Hal’s fiancée who brought a bottle of marvelous Polish vodka as she had her birthday that day. The show was great! Not too much space on stage but the hearts of Prague Fans hot as hell. We stayed a while after Gorgoroth’s show and…we said goodbye to our Crew. Then we had Vader’s meeting in Hal’s room and a loud “stoooooo lat”… and it went like this a few times ;-) Also Tomek from Carton turned up in Prague and brought new batch of merch. Good boy!!!

We arrived at Prague on time, as always. But after entering the city centre it occurred that we had no parking space by the club. We stopped 2km from the club to decide what to do and we went further. Driving down the narrow streets of Prague we managed to reach the club again but then it turned out that we missed one guy in the bus. A photographer and a “bodyguard” of Gorgoroth left the bus during previous stopover because our well-informed Oscar told him we were on the spot. Hard luck, he had to cope on his own. The club was really nice, although you could touch a ceiling with your own hand (in such conditions a less careful guitarist could lose his guitar head). The lighting was really impressive, however. Due to some reasons the first supporting band couldn’t play so all other bands could add up on their sets. Finally I managed to watch whole Valkyrja’s performance and I was really impressed, they were so wild on stage! After the show we went to a hotel to raise a toast to my girlfriend who visited us in Prague for her birthday. After a party we got away without paying a fine for vandalizing the room, although we had to explain ourselves much. The next day I could finally see with my own eyes that Prague is a beautiful city. We had day off and spent it on sightseeing. And abundant photo evidence below :-)))

We’d been waiting for this show for a couple of days, as we planned with the band that we will spend our day off in Prague. We arrived in the Czech Republic’s capital around noon. We had some troubles with getting to the club because Rock Café was in a strict city centre and it was pretty hard to get there with our huge bus. Finally, a local promoter showed us the right way to the club. After reaching the venue, I and James took our luggage and checked in a nearby hotel. After a quick resting we came back to the club. The turnout was over 300 fans that day. The club was filled to capacity. Although we had to play a set on a small stage, the show was really great. Czech fans showed us what it means to have fun in Prague! After Gorgoroth’s performance our crew did a quick load-out and headed towards Austria and we met in a hotel room for a small Vader’s after party. We were celebrating the birthday of “Mrs. Halik”, listened to some music and were making plans for the next day. After a few rounds Peter broke to pieces a shelf on which he was sitting and with this strong accent we ended our party.

Next day we met in the hotel lobby around 11 a.m. A first point of our trip was the Charle’s Bridge. On our way we dropped by to some pub for a morning Czech beer. Then we made our way towards a castle and St. Vit’s cathedral. We finished in the Old Town and had some dinner. After a full-day sightseeing we came back to our hotel. In the morning we had some breakfast, checked out of the hotel and caught a train to Wien.


26.11.2011 - Day 26 - Lichtenfels

So, we’ve just finished our set at the Christmas Festival in Lichtenfels and for all of us it was easily one of the best shows of the tour! For me personally, that was definitely the most comfortable I have ever felt on a big festival stage, which is very different to the smaller club stages. It can feel very detached (almost lonely :P) on the bigger stages but today was very full on, due in no small part to the great audience reaction! Today is also the first time I’ve been able to see all of Valkyrja’s set and they ruled! It’s just a shame no one else was there to see them at 10:40 in the morning. The worst thing about playing a killer festival like this is always that the amount of amazing merch that’s on offer – it’s very difficult not to spend money (and oooohhhhh I spent a lot of money…. at least the alcohol’s free or I would be totally f***ed!). But the highpoint of the festival is yet to come for me – Immortal and then Venom hit the stage in a few hours so until then I think a celebratory beer is in order!

You should see Kuba’s and Vacek’s faces at 8:30 IN THE MORNING :-)))) Many times before it happened that they actually were going to their beds at that time. It was a second day of Christmas Metalfest in Lichtenfels. And the headliners were Immortal and….Venom!!! WOW!!! At last I would have a chance to see the legend from England live! I got up quite early (8 a.m.) and thanks to that I had no problems with taking a shower and…having hot water all the time. Others weren’t that lucky… I went for a reconnaissance of merch stands that started to be opened. This time I found a long-sought „War & Pain” by Voivod and “Northern Star” of Grand Magus. I also wanted to buy a nice leather motorcycle jacket for my Son but didn’t find anything of interest. BUT, I found something for my Daughter… ;-)

And afterwards pictures, autographs…I expected a wild night. And I was right! Over 1,500-people audience gave us a really warm reception. Spider went totally crazy on stage, running all over the stage. After the show I changed my clothes and…kept waiting for the night’s main course. In the meantime, however, we met our friends from Unleashed. And the Swedes, like the Swedes, like heavy drinking. And the Poles? No need to add any comments on that… It ended up with me remembering Immortal and Abbath’s dances on stage plus Cronos & Co. starting their show with “Black Metal”. And then…I woke up in Prague. I saw the Swede’s pictures, however. They had more lousy ending ;-)


25.11.2011 - Day 25 - Solothurn

Kofmehl in Solothurn is a might club looking as some kind of a factory. Two stages, lots of crannies, stairs and doors. I almost got lost inside when in the morning I was trying to find a toilet. Having morning tea I checked my mailbox and surfed the Net a bit. In the meantime guys from Eufobia turned up, the Bulgarian crew was to support us since that concert. I spent most of my time at the computer. I had lot to update, tour blog included ;-) The show itself was full of surprises for me. I tripped on the sound monitors that were falling over all the time. In a second track a string in my White Lady got ripped and afterwards I stumbled over the chains at my trousers :-)))) So, I can’t say I lacked in entertainment that day :-) After Gorgoroth’s show our crew packed the whole stuff in a great haste and burning rubber we rushed towards Germany, where we were to play at a festival. We had to be up and running since the early morning hours.

Solothurn. A beautiful city in a German-speaking canton of Switzerland. In this place Tadeusz Kosciuszko died and was buried for a year. Unfortunately we had no time and there was too bad weather to admire this charming region… We were joined by a Bulgarian band Eufobia there, they will accompany us till Greece. I found an old military chest somewhere nearby the club. It looked very much alike the chests used by Germans during war. Well… of course I took it to the bus;-)))) The concert itself was very good despite the poor sound monitors (I couldn’t hear neither my guitar nor my voice). And there were pretty many people. I met my old friend Grzesiek from Swidnik. After the show we had to leave in a hurry because on the next day’s festival Valkyrja was scheduled to play at 10:30…..a.m.?????


24.11.2011 - Day 24 - Savigny le Temple

Savigny le Temple was a first French city on our route. It was a small town in the vicinity of Paris so part of our crew set off for a little trip there. As we already visited Paris during our previous tour, we decided to go to the town’s centre to do some shopping. Of course we bought classic stuff: baguettes, different types of cheese and other delicacies typical of this country. After the breakfast we got into the club and took our places in dressing rooms. As for a small town I was quite surprised with nice conditions and warm welcome. Organizers of the show and club owners greeted us really generously and the show was great too. In good moods we left France and made our way towards Switzerland.

Savigny le Temple. A small town near Paris (they say so) where it’s hard to get to and even worse to get back home from at night. I think that was the reason of a bit smaller audience than usually. A day before we had day off (spent next to the club) so we’ve already got familiar with surroundings – Valkyrja and Gorgoroth even found a pub! The club was nice and the show – I think that, as usually, everyone has played the material so many times that we don’t even need notation. After the show we had two occasions to celebrate – Vlad’s birthday and a small anniversary – 20 shows behind us! (and 20 more ahead…) But we had no time to party. There was a long way to cover to Switzerland so we had to pack the gear fast and smoothly and set off on the road!


22.11.2011 - Day 22 - Hengelo

That show could have been cancelled due to a low presale. Fortunately, on the day of the concert the turnout got much better :-))) We played in a quite big club, very nicely arranged, as if specifically for organizing shows. Yesterday I found out that average turnout for our last 20 shows was 300 which I find excellent, taking into consideration the amount of shows these days (in some of clubs we play at metal gigs are almost every day, e.g. we take turns with Decapitated all the time, few days before us there was Christ Agony concert and few days after there would be Dimmu Borgir playing).
So, our gig in Hengelo wasn’t that bad, although the audience was a bit listless. But all bands gave their best and that’s what it’s all about! After the show we were visited by the band’s old friend Harry Maat. He treated us with very strong (11,6%) Grolsch beer which made us return to nightliner in suspiciously good moods. France awaits!

Hengelo was the most fine-looking club that we’ve already played at. A new building made a huge impression on us. Separate dressing rooms and showers for each band made us really happy :-))) Unfortunately the audience wasn’t that good that day. A bit sad but what to do… like in nature, there must be harmony in everything. We cannot have all :-))) A nice surprise was a visit of Harry Maat who has been closely connected with Vader. He is our Dearest Friend who helps us in many situations. People that keep the track of our activity knows what I’m talking about. Of course as a matter of courtesy we exchanged gifts :-))) Harry brought among all very strong beer that blew our minds. We laughed a lot, chatted a bit and afterwards I just went back home (on wheels) ;-)

Hengelo. The Netherlands again. We’ve already played many times in Metropol. It occurred, however, that for 2 years the club changed its location to an impressive building of glass and steel. 100% of professionalism in every matter. We met our old buddy Harry with Ewa, I also got to know a bass player of Asphyx. The show was good, great sounding. If only the turnout was better… Tomorrow another day off… We’re heading towards Paris…France!


21.11.2011 - Day 21 - Day off

A morning breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausages and COFFEE made my day. It was a day off. And it was reaallllyyy sloowww….. I think I visited all possible shops around, music ones included. This time I got vinyl “Postmortem” by Slayer and Death’s “Leprosy”. In the evening the whole team headed for a pub for a couple of beers. Paulaner WiessBier rules!!! And the rest of the evening? In the bus...till morning.

We spent another day off by the club we played at the previous night. I spent that day wandering here and there and watching some films at my laptop. In the evening, with the rest of Vader guys and kuRva Crew, we went to a nearby pub for a wheat beer. After a couple of beers the party grew wilder as Valkyrja guys happened to pass the pub by. We changed a table for bigger and started a party! After a last round of drinks the whole team came back to the bus and we started finishing off some alco-reserves that left in our fridge :-))))


20.11.2011 - Day 20 - Essen

We came back to Germany. Today Essen: well-known and esteemed Turock!!! Nice stage, nice organization. Peter and Mike always take a good care of their guests. Although I didn’t see a single concert poster and there had been other shows played all weekend, really many people turned up for our show that night. And just a few days ago the future of this gig was pretty uncertain… What a loss it would be! The show was definitely one of the best played on this tour. Before our performance I managed to drop by, as always, a nearby music store. This time I hunted Slayer’s LP “Postmortem”. The next day we were to stay in Essen (day off) so I rented a room in a nearby hotel. Time to take a rest from my bus company :-))))

The next day we visited Essen and a club Turock. That day we had nice weather so I went for a jog. By the way I got to know the city a bit plus I did some shopping on my way back. In Essen, as usually in Germany, we had pretty many Polish fans that came to see the show. We were also visited by our dear friend Janna. We recalled our well-remembered barbeque with Krisiun. I would like to thank her here for delicacies she brought :-))) Polish wafers and doughnuts made a sensation!


19.11.2011 - Day 19 - Louvain-la-Neuve

Belgium is a country of a few nationalities speaking different languages. Main part of the population consists of Walloons speaking French and the Flemish people speaking Flemish. These are very proud nations having rich history. I read a lot about them in books and memoirs from the Eastern Front during WWII. History didn’t understand them at all and treated very mean…Vae Victis. Till now, however, their sons, grandsons and the following generations guarantee wonderful energetic shows…just like that night in Louvain-la-Neuve. This small festival drew over 500 people. I recognized my colleagues from Swedish Entombed among other bands. I talked a bit about “life” with LG. I also met Fred, Dismember’s drummer from the days of US tour in ’93. He was a soundguy for Entombed that evening. Our show was great. Really good reception. I was tired, however, so after a couple of drinks (Captain Morgan + Coke) I went to a well-deserved sleep.


18.11.2011 - Day 18 - Rotterdam

How many times we’ve already played in Baroeg in Rotterdam! I guess this small club in the centre of a beautiful park by Spinozaweg has already witnessed everything possible ;-) I like playing there although difficult stage/backstage conditions. And that beautiful autumn weather! The club was full that day. We met many friends from Poland, among others Mojo, the guy who played a role of leper in “Never Say My Name”. Mojo achieved something that seemed impossible: he got somewhere 4 packs of splendid Russian pierogis! To be honest, I didn’t quite believe him… until Darek opened a fridge. So little and so much joy! ;-)


17.11.2011 - Day 17 - Amersfoort

We reached Amersfoort quite late, around 5 p.m. We had a long journey from England to the continent ahead of us. We needed to manage the stage build in really fast but it was nothing for our invaluable crew – Kuba and Vacek! There were two supporting bands that night. I can’t recall the name of the first one, too complicated, but they were playing really cool – sort of Marduk-like black metal. The other band was Vermin who treated us with a piece of death metal meat, warming up the audience to the maximum. I won’t tell you about the other bands again, as it’s similar everyday – just fucking awesome. I will tell you when somebody blows it ;-)))

After the show we had an afterparty – this time it was a bit different than usually. Andreas, Valkyrja’s vocalist, had his birthday! We made an open air party despite the low weather. The highlight of the evening was Andreas riding a chariot found nearby :P You can see the action on the pics below. Sorry for low quality but it was too exciting to take care of such details.
Cheers from the Netherlands! \m/


16.11.2011 - Day 16 - Plymouth

After Bristol we made our ways to Plymouth. A place totally unknown to us, as we’ve never played there before. The city was said to be famous for yachts building which was later confirmed by many people I spoke to that night. This time a stage was really extremely small. We had to put half of backline on it and Hal had to stand crammed in one of its corners. Any walking on stage during the show was out of question. Just one step to the left and I pulled a few hair from Peter’s head with my guitar’s fretboard. Oooppsss ;-) Anyway, the crowd didn’t have to stand on their places and so they got carried away :-)))) Plymouth was our last show on the British Isles. Tomorrow we’re coming back to Euro zone. The Netherlands await us! See you there!

Get in to a club in Plymouth was only at 4 p.m., quite late. Of course it was raining again… White Rabbit club occurred to be a waiting room of a bus station. Seriously! It would be difficult in every respect. A small stage (or, rather, a micro-stage), one dressing room, cramped and, to make things worse, on the way to a toilet. Well…we had to scrape by on that ;-))) The show was the weakest of all so far. However, there was also a bright side of coming to Plymouth. I met my old friend from Lidzbark – Krzysiek “Axer” !!! He visited us with his wife Kasia. He even brought our traditional home-made vegetable salad. Yummy!!! There were memories, there was Jack and beer. I also bought a vinyl version of „Dark Side of the Moon” in a nearby shop. Goodbye England!!! We come back to the continent. The Netherlands tomorrow.


15.11.2011 - Day 15 - Bristol

If you read our previous reports from shows in England, you would probably know what to expect from Bristol. In fact, not much changed, except for the name of a club and its size. Again – great turnover, many Polish people coming to see us and the show itself went, as usually, according to the plan. No accidents, some minor technical problems which are unavoidable – like for example a fan jumping on stage and switching off Peter’s or Spider’s guitar effects what results in Vader giving an unplugged show ;-) This time instead of The Sickening we had a local support which I didn’t have a chance to see as I was writing tour reports. Valkyrja, typically, gave a smashing show. One can tell at once that they put a lot of passion in their performance and music is what counts most for them! Gorgoroth gave their show staying at their usual level as well. After the gig we got back to the nightliner to have a well-deserved beer and go straight to bed. The next day would be the last show on the English land – Plymouth. We need to be at our best!

..and after London we turned up in Bristol. That day we performed as 3 bands plus a local support. The day before we parted with The Sickening which ended their part of the tour in London. I’d really like to thank them for joint gigs and great company. The guys really did great job on stage. The show was a bit delayed as we had to struggle with the place and our gear. The stage was a bit small but the show was great in the end. A bit more intimate. After the show we went out to talk to our fans a bit. We ended up talking with some of them about mutual friends, one of fans even happened to know Bartek, Esqarial’s guitarist, very well. The world is so small, especially when you meet Polish people in it ;-)

We’ve played in Bristol a couple of months ago. This time, however, we were in The Fleece club. We had a major problem just at the very beginning: how to arrange bands on stage if there were two metal pillars in the middle of it. Of course there are no problems not be solved for our crew…anyway, I would really like to meet the “engineer” architect ;-))) I was staying in the bus till the show. My energy was back right from the first seconds of entering the stage to the sounds of “Ultima Thule” … a great reception since these first sounds! And again – lots of Polish people at the show \m/ It was a very good Tuesday! And the next day we would play a last show on the British Isles.


14.11.2011 - Day 14 - London

I woke up with a hangover in London so I spent part of the morning in bed. Then I decided to take a stroll over Camden to gain some strength. Only after dinner I felt a bit better. We expected many people to turn up on the show that day. And there were really plenty of them around the club and inside. I recall that when Valkyrja was playing, lots of people were still flocking to the venue. Finally we had a crowd of 500. In the meantime there showed up a few guests – among others Mauser, a longstanding guitarist in Vader, who moved to London some time ago. We had a little chat about music, instruments and musical education and the time has come to prepare for the show. I felt very weak that day and I could function normally only when I got the adrenaline kick after entering the stage.

It was hot below the stage!!! The crowd was so huge that there wasn’t much space left for me. And because I cannot stay in one place for long, I felt a bit trapped ;-) By the way, I say hello to a guy who rolled over my multi-effect during “Slayer”… The people below the stage and we as well gave their best that night!!! And even if I lacked my vital powers that day, with such audience I felt as if I was taking energy from our fans ;-) As much as I regretted, after this really strenuous performance I just had to go away without meeting our fans and friends. With bad fever I went back to the bus right after the show, got to bed and fell asleep.

I wanted to thank all the people who showed up that night in the Underworld. Especially for their support and truly active participation in that great misterium.
Stay Vaderized!!!

It was obvious from the very beginning that it was to be the most important show for James, our drummer! London is his hometown and there turned up his parents and many of his friends at the show! The quest list seemed to have no end. The show was at the same time a goodbye-show for really cool people from The Sickening who supported us on the British Isles and in Scandinavia. That gig HAD TO be killer and it was indeed! The Sickening warmed up the audience pretty well, Valkyrja took no prisoners and Vader just unleashed Hell (aided by a large group of Polish speaking fans). After our show, as each evening, lots of people just left the concert room (I really don’t know why). Whereas Kuba and Vacek started to prepare the stage for the headliner, we finally had some time for ourselves, fans and friends (among all we were visited by Mauser, ex-guitarist of the band). A calm afterparty then, Krzysiek Azarewicz got to like us so much that he even agreed to stay overnight. The next day we set for Bristol!

Underwold again and Monday again... I hate Mondays so much! Presale: 300… my jaw dropped. I thought “it will be killer”. And it was!!! A bit over 500 people and it was a total madness \m/ Of course “the Londoners” (read: the Poles living in London) ruled below and beyond stage :-))) Among VIPs there were old friends: Mauser – “the Londoner” for a few months now, Krzysiek Azarewicz, Arek and pretty large crew from Olsztyn. James’s parents turned up too! They managed to survive the show ;-))) They can be proud of their son, as our James was killing the drums. A wonderful gig! And afterwards some good tequila, tasty Jaeger and even better vodka ;-)))


13.11.2011 - Day 13 - Glasgow

Ferry to Scotland left Belfast at 7.30 a.m. Most of the crew stayed in the bus. Me and Darek made use of wi-fi connection and surfed the net a bit. Of course I couldn’t miss the chance of having English breakfast onboard. We took the western coast road to get to Glasgow. Wonderful views!!! I must stay there a bit longer one day. Ivory Blacks Club was filled with quite a large crowd – again, lots of Polish people :-) Although I had some troubles with sound monitors (I didn’t hear myself for the whole show), the show was great. The day before and lack of rest did their job. I went to sleep pretty soon…


12.11.2011 - Day 12 - Dublin

Dublin. This show will go down in history as one of the best played in the capital city of Ireland. This night in Button Factory Vader Commando didn’t take prisoners. It was a total hell! And a huge crowd of Polish metalheads was only adding fuel to the fire. After the show we were having a couple of drinks in almost family atmosphere and were sharing experience with our fans and friends.

And before the show? Dublin greeted us with a beautiful sunny weather. When we arrived at the club, together with Oscar we decided to go for a walk. We admired the streets of Dublin and pubs filled with happy people. Music everywhere. Walking down the streets I came across a Polish restaurant … and I was happy too :-) !!!

Button Factory is a wonderful place. We’ve already played there few years ago and (I believe) there is no better place to play in this city. Strict city centre, great stage and backstage, my old buddy Fergal as a promoter… And the audience this evening was impressive! Lots of Polish people so for the whole gig I was speaking in two languages. White and red flag was waving high and proudly in Dublin that night … ;-) And over 400 crazy Maniacs just gave the best show on this tour. At least so far… This day I was invited to my friends from Olsztyn: Magda, Declan (well, not really from Olsztyn here), Piotr, Monia and Robert. Few years ago we stayed at their places with my whole family. I also met Madzia and Bazyl with young Mikolaj after so many years… These few hours of recollections by a great dinner, wonderful coffee and after a warm bath made my day. I had great attitude towards the show. It’s a pity that we had to leave so soon… Glasgow was a long drive, plus the ferry... A pity... such a great party was about to start. Ehhh…


11.11.2011 - Day 11 - Belfast

Horrible weather! Raining cats and dogs all the time. No way we can go out to hang around... So I read another chapter of book about a happy life of Ozzy. The club in Belfast looks quite alike similar places in USA. Small stage, pictures signed by some stars hanging on the walls, club filled with people and country music in the background ;-)

The day went by quite quickly. And the show was definitely good! Great atmosphere and reception. I regret that we could play only for 50 minutes again… and tomorrow the heart of Ireland: Dublin! I’m seeing my friends at 12 a.m. It’s time to visit “uncles” from far Ireland ;-)

Belfast greeted us with a perfectly English weather. Rain accompanied us for the most part of the day and successfully took my good mood away. That’s why I spent a few hours in my bed in the bus. In the evening, when my hunger was stronger than mood, I decided to go out and hunt ;-) This time I chose traditional Turkish kebab. The guy selling them of course had to ask me about where I was coming from, although obviously he wasn’t from Belfast too ;-) We chatted a bit and I returned to the bus. Of course the kebab did its job – good mood was back!

I managed to prepare some materials for my school classes before the show. I tuned my guitar back into Vader’s sounding and started to get ready for the show. Although a turnout wasn’t killer, the people who came had really good fun! Generally I find the show ok, however, it was merely a substitute of what happened in…Dublin.


10.11.2011 - Day 10 - Liverpool

We've already played in the Masque this year. Of course... nothing's changed since then. Small stage, a smell of beer and lack of shower. Spider found a store for "e-smokers" so I accompanied him there. I wanted to make a present of such a device to my Marta long ago...I had a chance at last! I also bought a book about the use of captured panzer weapon in the German army. Interesting? ;-))) The show was similar to the previous one but… a bit worse. We had less time. What could we, a band with over 25 years of experience, play within just 50 minutes? Not much… But reception was great! And really, words of approval for our (not quite sober) countryman standing by barriers and demanding “Sothis !!!!!!!!” over and over again …even if this song was already played before :P Napierdalac!!!! \m/ Tomorrow Belfast.

We showed up in Liverpool quite early because of short distance between the cities. I started my day with browsing the net for some local e-cigarettes shop. Unfortunately I lost my set after a heavy party in Stockholm and as I’m trying to quit smoking – it’s a basic gadget I can’t do away with. Luckily enough I found such place near our club so I could buy another e-cigarette set. Other smoking fellows bought some too by the way and we went back to our bus.

I played in The Masque last year so I well remembered the club. Sorry to say, we had some technical problems during our show. After a second track something happened to a microphone working with my amplifier and I also had some troubles with guitars. Fortunately we managed to fix this all in no time and we could continue at our full speed. After the show we organized a small after party by our bus and were observing nightlife in Liverpool. Around 4 a.m. we set off for another journey. Next stop: Ireland…


09.11.2011 - Day 9 - Manchester

Finally! After two days off (unavoidable in case of longer tours) we played a gig! We left Sweden and reached England. First show on the British Isles was in Manchester. In my humble opinion – we grind’em up! We took no English prisoners ;-) I really regret that in football it’s pretty on the contrary. Liverpool tomorrow, I have no doubts – it will be a massacre!


07-08.11.2011 - Day off

So it’s one week since we started on our 40-show tour around Europe and we’ve now had time to settle into a routine and get reacquainted with life on the road; i.e. too much alcohol and minimal showers. Since the Goteborg show we have been joined by the Norwegian death metal band, The Sickening and now the bus is totally full with 24 people + equipment for 4 bands.

I’m so happy with the shows on this first week and personally, I’m so much more relaxed about the rest of the tour now that I’ve had time to adjust to the new material in the set (this is my first time playing at least half of these songs live including the f**king difficult Cold Demons) and I have been made to feel very welcome in the band by the German and Scandinavian audiences! The crowd in Goteborg was particularly awesome, as we didn’t expect such a good reception so early on the tour.

We are about to return to the UK (after 2 days of solid travelling) and I’m now expecting the UK fans to live up to the killer audiences of last week, and show the rest of Vader and the other bands how good the British crowd can be – my reputation is on the line here!

We’ll see you all in Machester…

06.11.2011 - Day 6 - Stockholm

We’ve played in Klubben many times before. It’s a wonderful place with perfect conditions both on stage and beyond it. Not much time till gates’ opening so we give up a soundcheck. A guest list is full today of course :-)))) The biggest joy for me was to meet Orzelek [Thomas Adler??? :-))))) ] – my old time buddy, when I lived at Gietkowska street. As a young (and still dainty) Metalhead he used to visit me quite often and we were listening to Slayer, Kreator, etc. together… These were the days...! And the show itself was even better than in Goteborg. The audience, and among it a pretty large group of Polish people with a beautiful white and red flag, received us just wonderful! We played encore ;-) After a show we were talking, recalling good memories and drinking till we had to leave at 3 a.m.

Next two days were just travelling to Manchester. We had over 2,500 km to drive. I hate days off on tour... We spent these days on our way to England through: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and… English Channel. Generally booooooring. I watched a few films, read two chapters of Ozzy’s autobiography. I was sleeping like a log… and didn’t touch even one beer :-)

Klubben is a mighty and cult club. The building’s infrastructure just swept me off my feet. After a short reconnaissance we found out that it was a high-rise building with a few conference rooms, two large football pitches and many many others. Wide space to play and really good conditions let us relax a bit. We had also a photo session planned for this day. In the meantime we were joined by another Polish delegation. This time they were Peter’s old good friends from Olsztyn.

Just like in Goeteborg – Swedish audience showed class!!! Over 300 people went totally crazy. To thank the crowds we decided to play Slayer at the end – we wiped them out completely, nothing to save :-)))) We spent the rest of the day on talking about good old times with our friends from Poland. To sum up, I find the first gigs we played really successful, with emphasis on Sweden :-)) We have two boring days off ahead. See you on the British Isles!


05.11.2011 - Day 5 - Goteborg

Wake-up call at 6 a.m... We spent over 3 hours on a ferry to Sweden. Göteborg greeted us with a wonderful, sunny, autumn morning. A club was quite cramped…but our Crew would do away with anything! Valkyrja started their concert with…a guitar failure. To make things worse Kuba told me not to get nervous but “the sounding limiters are blocking its power”. It’s silent… I didn’t expect much and… I was wrong :-)))))) The show was awesome and we’ve got a reception as never in Göteborg! On top of that, Spider entertained us with a beautiful complex choreography over monitor in his attempt to avoid stumbling over it. We want to recommend him for “You Can Dance” :-) After the show we met our old friends: Wojtek Lisiecki and guys from Ragnarock. And next? Visit to Rock It pub. Well… alcohol was just pouring heavily.Around 2:30 a.m. I went to eat something and…to sleep :-) And the guys were still fighting…

The show in Göteborg was fucking awesome! Day after day the gigs are getting better and better, the machine is working more efficiently and I dare not think what will happen in a week or two! Tracks from the new album sound great in a live version and audience goes wild and crazy each time! After the show we had some afterparty with Wojtek (Lost Horizon) in a nearby rock’n’roll pub. Tired but happy we headed for our bus and set off for a journey to Stockholm.
Hails from the tour!

Just like in Denmark we had two gigs to play in Sweden. First one was given in a small club in Goeteborg and it looked quite innocent at the beginning. However what we encountered there went beyond our wildest dreams. The club was filled to capacity and our fans didn’t let us go off stage. It was a show in high gear! After a great show we spent our time with fans and friends. We were joined by Ragnarok team too, we wandered through wild lands of South America together last year. Of course there were many Polish friends too.
After a long night we set off for Sweden’s capital city – Stockholm.


04.11.2011 - Day 4 - Aalborg

The gig in Aalborg is held within Aalborg Metal Festival for its 10th anniversary. We were to meet guys from Decapitated but due to emergency landing of their plane on their way from concert tour in USA they decided to cancel upcoming shows. Too bad… Nevertheless, tonight’s show was sold out!!! More than 500 people hungry for Death Metal! \m/ We met old buddies from Essence. Not that long ago we were on tour together.

Organizational side of the festival was bearable, although they could do better with food. We also had a few interviews for local media. The concert itself was definitely the best so far. We didn’t want to leave the stage ;-) Even a defective sampler couldn’t change that. Maybe the fact that Jaegermeister was a sponsor of the festival had something to do with it? Who knows :-))))) We’re staying here till 4 a.m. and then right aboard a ferry to Goetheborg!!!

Our second performance in Denmark took place during Aalborg Metal Festival. And I find this particular show the most successful. Despite the problems with sampler, the atmosphere on stage and below it was simply…majestic! One could feel the Dark Forces present… :-)

Our native Decapitated was to play a gig at this festival as well. However, they cancelled their show in the nick of time which is not surprising as few days before they were close to death in a plane crash. They were taken over by Essence, the guys who supported us during this year’s Summer Campaign. After a really good evening we took a ferry again… this time to Sweden.


03.11.2011 - Day 3 - Copenhagen

Around 1 p.m. we were at the club. We’ve already visited “The Rock” several times before. A nice surprise waited for us: FINALLY their stage got bigger!!! …but a backstage was still crampy. Today we had no rehearsal. We’ve been watching films all afternoon. I watched “The Ritual” with great Anthony Hopkins at last. The show was fine. Pretty many people – including a big group of the Poles. After the show… I just went to sleep. We have 400km to Aalborg tomorrow…

Derby in Copenhagen

After few shots in German lands we made our way to Denmark. In the meantime we did a ferry travel. After reaching Denmark’s capital city we found out that there is held some football game with a team from Hannover on the same day. So, we had a chance of seeing a German football team marching through the city centre and many more night attractions labeled as ‘talent show’ ;-)


02.11.2011 - Day 2 - Rostock

We left Berlin at 9 a.m. on the dot. We were greeted by exceptionally chilly but bright day. We spent half a day on a petrol station on our way to Rostock. We could enter the club pretty late, at 4 p.m. “Alte Zuckerei” definitely isn’t in a club first league ;-))) Nevertheless, extreme Metal works out even in extreme conditions, right? ;-) And it was the case in Rostock. Even if a stage was smaller than in Berlin, I felt faaaaar better playing in Rostock.

We changed set list a bit adding “Wings” and “Carnal”. It’s more… energetic this way :-)))

And what’s next? We had a party till 4 a.m.,that is until we were to leave the city. It was a first evening of “intergration” and “reconnaissance” with the guys from Gorgoroth ;-) Of course nobody left their cabins on a ferry… Next stop: Copenhagen!

Berlin, Rostock, first blood!

The show in Rostock ended our first visit in Germany. It was sort of a test for us with the new material. I must admit that the first show given in Berlin was awesome. Clearly our gig made a great impression on people. The same as the choice of songs and new developed musical arrangements with original samples from the album. Maybe we will introduce some minor corrections but for the time being the setlist is just killer!!! Apart from premiere tracks from the album we played also such classics as a long-awaited “God is Dead”!

Ok, time to leave for a ferry and move on to Copenhagen!


01.11.2011 - Day 1 - Berlin

So…After too much travelling (and not enough sleep!) we find ourselves in Berlin after the first show of the tour with Gorgoroth and Valkyrja. First thoughts? This is going to be an awesome tour! Valkyrja played a blinding first show tonight, Vader are returning to Europe with our strongest setlist for a long time (expect some classics!) and Gorgoroth are right now tearing Berlin a new one! For myself, Halik and Spider, this will be the longest tour we have ever done (and my first serious Vader tour) so I'm looking forward to seeing how much this new Vader lineup improves over the course of the next 39 shows.
Next stop: Rostock!

Day 1 started for us at the Central Railway Station in Wroclaw. At midnight we got into a train to a city of Krzyz (“Cross” in English, sic!!!), then another change to a train to Kostrzyn on the border of Germany. We were picked up there by the Massive Music crew around 8 a.m. And it all felt like home... our second home for the upcoming 1,5 month. We got to Berlin around noon. It was a first show of the tour so there was really lot of work and preparations. We even managed to make a sound check for each band! When we have Oscar at a mixing table and a close team of Kuba and Vacek on stage – nothing can go wrong.

The Club SO36 was new for us, we played there for the first time. Some local dope “advertised” us in the local press as neo-nazi bands :P As you can see, idiots are everywhere, even in Germany ;-)))) Anyway, the propaganda went without success and the show was greeted by a considerable crowd. The concert itself was a bit far from being ideal but it was the first gig and we got warm reception. We lacked Power and the whole-night-long train trips definitely influenced our performance.

Anyway, it was BERLIN that heard new setlist and “Welcome to the Morbid Reich” live first!!! Thank you all soooo much for the show and chatting over whisky till dawn!!! Next stop: Rostock.


And here we are, on the road again!!!
Welcome to the Morbid Reich!!!

The Berlin's premiere show started European The Sign of Hell Tour 2011. Itłs the first tour officially promoting our newest album “Welcome To The Morbid Reich”. It covers 40 shows in most European countries. We share the stage with Gorgoroth, Swedish Valkyrja, Italian Adimiron and few other supporting bands.

With this short introduction we will start a series of short tour reports which are focused on presenting you some bits of our tour life. We will try to show you how it looks on stage but also behind the scenes. The journey we started is going to be pretty long so we can promise you exciting and interesting material!

You can read first news below!

Keep your fingers crossed and see you out there.
Stay Vaderized!